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The ‘Libary-Media for all’ cooperation project

Diaka Camara Foundation & ASI Diaka Camara act together in the developpement of the cooperation project "Libary-media for all" in Conakry.

As of today, there is no facility in the city of Conakry that offers a secure, modern and dedicated place for learning and skills building for young people. Anyway, we have the ambition to cancell from Conakry landscape, the show of students grouped to review under the lamps of the airport parking during the end of the year examinations.

In this Libary-media for all, in addition of the physical school textbooks availibility, emphasis will be placed on new information and communication technologies, including access to e-books via Internet/intranet and online courses given by professors throughout the world.

In the first steps... In her capacity as ambassador of the « Conakry World Book Capital 2017 », Diaka Camara, obtained on behalf of the foundation, the provision of land located in the municipality of Matoto, awarded by the State, To « CCML 2017 » for this project realization. We are currently working on fundraising to make this a reality.


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